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Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels we have heard on high
Sweetly feeding on the plains
And the Jerseys in reply
Lift their heads up from the grain


Oo Oo Moo/Oo Oo Moo Oo Oo
Moo/Oo Moo
In excelsios deo

Herefords why this jamboree
Why do you moo loud and long
In your cattle symphony
Join now in bovine song



We Three Cows

We three cows of Bethlehem are
Still awaiting kings from afar
But we wonder where the thunder
All of these wisemen are


Star of wonder star we sing
We await the ones you bring
But to mangers we're no strangers
First came cows and then came kings

Who was first to kneel in the hay
Who was first to worship and pray
Who was first to see the birth to
Celebrate Christmas Day



Jezebel (to "Jingle Bells ")


Jezebel Jezebel
Jezebel the cow
Wonderous is your beauty when
You're standing at the trough

Dashing through the snow
While all the horses bray
Jezebel the cow
You're fine in every way
You come from finest stock
You have a winning breed
I love to watch your tender hocks
When you begin to feed


I'll kiss your pale lips
I'll stroke your milky mane
My hoof around your hips
We'll lumber down the lane
We'll find a little barn
To say our wedding vows
And soon we'll have a little calf
Named Jezebel the cow


Coming soon:

Deck the Halls (with Oats and Barley)

God Rest Ye Merry Dairymen

Hallemoojah Chorus


All this great "Moosic" can be purchased on the cassette It's a Cow Christmas.