Bovine Lexicon

1. Holy Cow:

An exclamation made famous by sportscaster Harry Caray
A divine bovine
A cow with holes

2. Butterfingered:

Careless and clumsy
An affliction common to bakery employees
Someone caught with their fingers in the butter churn (i.e. hand in the cookie jar)

3. Cow Catcher

A failed dog catcher
A device mounted on the front of trains to remove obstacles from the tracks
A cow positioned behind the batter during a baseball game

4. Cow Town:

A small, unsophisticated town
A settlement for retired dairy cows
A school for delinquent cows similar to Boys Town

5. Cowabunga:

Elastic cords that thrill-seeking cows attached to their hooves before jumping from towers
Battle cry of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
An exclamation heard when Bossie steps on a cowhand's toes

6. Cowslip:

Bovine undergarments
Uncoordinated maneuver that can occur in a damp pasture
A fragrant British flower

7. Butter Ball:

What cows go to in their formal wear
A chubby person
What cow pitchers throw instead of a knuckleball

8. Cowlick:

A show of affection from your favorite Holstein
A confection passed out to trick-or-treating cows
A tuft of unruly hair

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