Warning - Caution - Notice

Farm Kids
Warning-One kid's 4-H dairy project can and will accelerate the aging process of the parents by several years.
Caution-Farm kids' clothes pockets will be filled with straw, bugs, bolts, mud, live frogs, and cow teeth.
Notice-Farm kids will learn lessons and work ethics on the farm that money can't buy and these will mold their character forever.

Farm Dogs
Warning-This dog rolls in all road kills and eats cow patties for dessert.
Notice-You've never experienced loyalty until you receive it from a farm dog.

Warning-Approach with caution after wet weather in the spring has kept him out of the fields for a week. Especially if he has 300 acres of corn left to plant.
Warning-Failure to feed at regular intervals causes irritation.
Caution-This man cannot coordinate clothing unless John Deere green and farm product logos are involved.
Notice-When a farmer says economize this does not mean a moratorium on machinery purchases. What it does mean is stop making so many long distance calls to the kids and let's not buy the TV Guide at the grocery anymore.

Farm livestock
Caution-These animals will escape confinement on a regular basis. Be prepared for the chase.
Warning-City kids who visit will fall in love with your farm animals.

Caution-Farming will bring frustrations with weather, markets, livestock and constant interruptions.
Notice-Farming is addictive. Once you're hooked, you wouldn't trade it for anything.

Excerpts from an article by Vera Kramer in The Farmer.

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